Houston Furniture Bank’s Outlet Center


Houston Furniture Bank’s Outlet Center was developed as a supplement funding initiative for Houston Furniture Bank through the resale of donated items.  These items are donated by major furniture companies, members of the Hotel & Lodging Association, local businesses, and individuals. You can help by not just buying furniture from the Outlet Center, but also by donating any unwanted furniture in good condition to the Furniture Bank.

  • You won’t believe our selection of fabulous furnishings for every room in your home:

    Sofas and Sectionals


    Chairs and Recliners

    Bedroom Necessities


    Dining Sets


    Shelving and Cabinets








  • Houston Furniture Bank’s Outlet Center offers top-notch values at thrift-store prices

All profits are directed to Houston Furniture Bank operating costs. 
Every time you make a purchase here at Houston Furniture Bank’s Outlet Center, 
you are not just honoring your signature style and getting a great bargain. You are also making it possible for a child to sleep in a bed instead of on the floor, 
for a family to eat together at a table with chairs instead of around a cardboard box, and helping many other less fortunate families get the furniture that they need.

  • Houston Furniture Bank’s Outlet Center Location

    Address: 8220 Mosley Rd. Houston, TX 77060


    • Open: Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 4 pm
    • Closed: Sunday

    Phone: (713) 842-9771 Ext. 107

    Located inside the Houston Furniture Bank,
 exit College and Airport avenue near the cross section of Airport Blvd and Mosley Rd.