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HFB Client Profile: Brenda Rogers


From homeless to a stable home, learn more about one client’s journey An enthusiastic “all of it!” was Brenda Rogers’s response when asked to name her favorite item of furniture for her new apartment. Brenda had just passed through Houston Furniture Bank’s (HFB) Distribution Center, selecting the essential furniture that would soon be hers. HFB provides essential furniture to families and individuals transitioning to independent living. What this means is that, with community support and strong partnerships, HFB is able to improve the quality of life of people recovering from life-changing events such as natural disasters and catastrophic illnesses. We were [...]

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HFB Staff Profile: Flor Espinosa


This month Houston Furniture Bank (HFB) is beginning a series of profiles highlighting the dedicated staff that makes our programs and services so successful! Meet Flor Espinosa, an expert  mattress maker and new member of the Houston Furniture Bank team. Flor has been been making mattresses for more than 20 years! In 2018, HFB purchased her previous company, Master Mattress, where she had been operating a sewing machine for nearly 15 years. She is now part of the team that is making mattresses for Mattress Builders at Houston Furniture Bank, helping Making Empty Houses Homes. Flor is excited to be a [...]

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