Need Furniture?

Houston Furniture Bank is a charitable organization that provides Furniture Assistance services to families and individuals through other social service agencies and charitable organizations. Our Furniture Distribution Partners coordinate with Houston Furniture Bank to meet the needs of those they serve. Houston Furniture Bank cannot approve individuals for Furniture Assistance.

If you are in need of furniture, please speak with your caseworker. If you do not have a caseworker, we encourage you to seek out an area agency or charitable organization that can take your case. Each agency has its own process for accepting new clients and assessing their unmet needs.

If you are looking to purchase furniture, you can visit the Furniture Outlet at Houston Furniture Bank. The Furniture Outlet sells high-quality, new and used furniture to the public at reduced prices. All proceeds from sales made in the Furniture Outlet go to support Houston Furniture Bank services and programs.

If you were affected by Hurricane Harvey, please contact:

Disaster Program: 1-800-620-9511

Endeavors: 832-680-1755

Find out how your organization can become one of our partners.