Houston Furniture Bank has been awarded a $1.5 million grant from the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund administered by Greater Houston Community Foundation to provide essential furniture to families affected by the storm. The grant will make it possible for Houston Furniture Bank to provide furniture to 2,000 families to help them recover, expanding the nonprofit’s ongoing efforts to ensure that no child has to eat or sleep on the floor.

This is the second grant awarded to Houston Furniture Bank by the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Houston Furniture Bank received a $750,000 grant in 2017 that made it possible to provide furniture to 1,041 families to help them recover and rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund was set up by Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett to support the long-term relief and reconstruction efforts in the Greater Houston region.

Houston Furniture Bank has provided assistance to more than 2,000 Houston-area families as part of its Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts since September 2017. Although it’s been a year since the storm, many families are still struggling to recover from this devastating event and additional recovery efforts are needed.

“Houston Furniture Bank is committed to helping affected families for as long as we are able,” said Oli Mohammed, Houston Furniture Bank president and CEO. “We believe that furniture is an essential component of quality of life. As long as we have furniture to give, we’ll continue to help our neighbors in need.”

Families to receive furniture will be selected by partner agencies and referred to Houston Furniture Bank by a caseworker. Families in need of aid can contact the United Way of Greater Houston Helpline at 211 to find an area agency or nonprofit providing assistance to families affected by Hurricane Harvey. Once they have gone through the intake process with that agency or nonprofit, they can be referred to Houston Furniture Bank for furniture distribution assistance.

For more information about Houston Furniture Bank programs and services, please call (713) 842-9771 or write to info@houstonfurniturebank-staging.gllzc0ys-liquidwebsites.com.