From homeless to a stable home, learn more about one client’s journey

An enthusiastic “all of it!” was Brenda Rogers’s response when asked to name her favorite item of furniture for her new apartment. Brenda had just passed through Houston Furniture Bank’s (HFB) Distribution Center, selecting the essential furniture that would soon be hers.

HFB provides essential furniture to families and individuals transitioning to independent living. What this means is that, with community support and strong partnerships, HFB is able to improve the quality of life of people recovering from life-changing events such as natural disasters and catastrophic illnesses. We were pleased to provide assistance to Brenda.

Struggling with addiction and homelessness since 2012, Brenda lived on the streets in Houston for several years. She was displaced from her regular spot under Congress Avenue after Hurricane Harvey. She ended up in Dallas after spending some time at the George R. Brown Convention Center shelter, where she had the unsettling experience of being robbed.

Once back in Houston, Brenda struggled for months to find housing, blocked by rental requirements.  She reached out to her recovery coach at The Council on Recovery, Cynthia Branch. Two months before coming to see HFB, Brenda was elated to move into the very first apartment she has ever called her own.

Cynthia explained that The Council on Recovery prides itself on meeting its clients where they are, providing those in recovery with material, informational and emotional support. “They accepted me as I was,” said Brenda.

In our Distribution Center, with Cynthia by her side, Brenda selected the essential furniture that will make those four walls a home. After many years on the street, she shared with us that she is looking forward to sitting on her own couch, laying on her own bed, resting her head on her own pillow and displaying her favorite keepsakes on her table.

This holiday season, Brenda’s son will visit her in her new home, to “make sure she’s ok.”  Describing her experience of finding housing and selecting furniture at HFB, Brenda told us that she felt “blessed upon” and that she was experiencing “the happiest, strongest self esteem [she][/she] could feel.” In a few months, she will invite her son into her stable, furnished home.

At HFB, we are fortunate to work with inspiring clients like Brenda on a daily basis. We are so grateful to her for letting us share her story.

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