This month Houston Furniture Bank (HFB) is beginning a series of profiles highlighting the dedicated staff that makes our programs and services so successful! Meet Flor Espinosa, an expert  mattress maker and new member of the Houston Furniture Bank team.

Flor has been been making mattresses for more than 20 years! In 2018, HFB purchased her previous company, Master Mattress, where she had been operating a sewing machine for nearly 15 years. She is now part of the team that is making mattresses for Mattress Builders at Houston Furniture Bank, helping Making Empty Houses Homes. Flor is excited to be a part of this growing part of our operation.

Flor is well-known for her generous smile and attention to detail. In fact, for the holidays she brought every employee an adorable marshmallow treat. Married for nearly 20 years, Flor’s husband Melvin is a freelance industrial machinery technician who occasionally comes to HFB to service our manufacturing and recycling machinery.

Flor is also is known for being a fast, detail-oriented overlock operator. Having been in the business for so long, she can step into any task. She works to be a few steps ahead of what is coming down the pipeline, making sure she has the necessary materials to complete each task.

Flor has enjoyed working with those who come to HFB to complete community service hours, teaching them the ropes and sometimes even sharing her lunch. At HFB, we feel very lucky to have Flor, with her sunny disposition and can-do attitude.

Thank you, Flor!