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The Original Houston Furniture Bank Outlet Experience

The Houston Furniture Bank’s South Furniture Outlet is the original furniture outlet location for those who want to see where it all began. The Furniture Outlet South location is also home to many of the other programs that are supported by HFB. These include our Art Gallery for local artists to donate art to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to decorate their homes, and our Mattress Recycling Center to offer high-quality mattresses crafted from the donations of generous citizens and businesses throughout Houston!

Every purchase made sustains the Houston Furniture Bank and the services we provide, while equipping patrons with beautiful, lightly-used or donated new furniture to mesh perfectly with existing decor and help make your house a home!

Houston Furniture Bank South Offers:

  • A Southern Houston location that is the easily-accessible center of many of HFB’s activities
  • A retail Furniture Outlet location that sells donated furniture to those looking for their next great buy!
  • Our central Furniture Donation location, for those who don’t want old furniture to go to waste
  • A Furniture Distribution Center to help HFB get furniture from the people or businesses donating it to those that need it the most
  • An Art Gallery filled with art graciously provided by artists all over Houston for those HFB helps with our Furniture Donations at no extra cost!
  • Our Mattress Recycling Center to help your old, lightly-used mattresses to find new life with a family that desperately needs it
    • Please note that a $10 cost is applied to mattress donations at the South HFB Furniture Outlet to cover the cost of recycling

Houston Furniture Bank’s South Outlet Supports Houston With the Following Services:

Houston Furniture Bank’s Furniture Outlet South has served Houstonians for almost 30 years, providing lightly used furniture donated from people and businesses around Houston for prices that will blow you away. Our retail outlets help to keep HFB running, so you can shop for furniture and provide those in need with a valuable service all at once!

We carry furniture of all shapes and sizes, for all different purposes. Whether you need furniture for a rear patio or a couch for the living room, you can trust HFB’s Furniture Outlet South to come through for you with the best deals on some of the finest furniture around!

Find the Nearest Outlet To You!

Furniture donations are how Houston Furniture Bank has provided so many of our amazing services to those in need across Houston for almost 30 years. We take gently-used furniture that you no longer need or want, and help get it to someone whose home it will fit perfectly in! Each piece of furniture is a valuable donation that keeps our doors open, and helping Houstonians help Houstonians makes everything worth it! Whether it’s given to families in need via our Furniture Distribution Program or sold from our outlets, every piece donated is appreciated.

If you have a piece of furniture too big for you to drop off, we can come to you and pick it up! Just make sure to carefully read through our Furniture Donation & Pickup Form before calling. Plan to give us at least two weeks between when you call and when you need the furniture to be picked up, and please be aware of the $50 requested donation to help us with transportation costs.

Learn More Here!

The Houston Furniture Bank’s Distribution Center helps those in the community, from individuals or families all the way to businesses in the community, donate furniture to those that need it the most. From intake of the furniture to getting it to those that need it, Houston Furniture Bank helps coordinate the process every step of the way and make sure every family is equipped with the essential furniture it needs.

Our Furniture Distribution Center serves about 100 families or individuals in need each and every month. We can only do this with the support of those in our community, so if you’re in a position where you’re able and willing to help, please visit our Furniture Donation page to figure out what you can do!

See How You Can Help!

Houston Furniture Bank knows how much even just a simple piece of art can help make a house into a home. Artists all over Houston have donated works of art that go directly to those our Furniture Distribution program helps, at no cost to those who get to take them home! Each piece comes with a label that includes the name of the artist, the title of the piece they donated, and the piece’s retail value. It is a beautiful opportunity for artists who are passionate about helping those in their community to contribute.

Because of how many people we serve each month, Houston Furniture Bank is always in need of donated art to help make each and every furniture donation that much more special! It’s the perfect opportunity to help artists spread awareness of the awesome pieces they create while giving back to those in the community who need the support.

Interested In Donating Works of Your Own?

Houston Furniture Bank’s Mattress Recycling Center takes old, lightly worn-mattresses and recycles up to 80% of them, for sale or donation by HFB. Our program has recycled over 100,000 mattresses so far, with no intention of stopping any time soon! Whether it’s by offering good-as-new mattresses to those supporting our non-profit or to help children we support in our “No Kids on the Floor!” program, you can rest assured that your donation will go towards a good cause and giving back to the community!

Our Mattress Recycling Center is notable not only because of those that it provides mattresses to those in the community who need them the most, but also for the opportunity that it represents for those the Mattress Recycling Center employs. We are proud to be a second-chance employer, supporting community members by providing mattresses and furniture but also by providing steady and stable employment to our amazing mattress recycling team!

Please note that mattress donations do come with an associated cost of $10 to help us process them. If you are unable to deliver the mattress to us, we can also pick it up. Note that, in cases where we come to pick it up, that fee increases to $30 to cover the cost of transportation.

Donate Your Old Mattress Now!

Come See What We Have to Offer!

Houston Furniture Bank’s Furniture Outlet South has been providing a helping hand to those in poverty in the Houston area for almost three decades. Whether you have furniture or a mattress that you would like to donate, or you want to shop for furniture while supporting a great cause for those in your community that need it, HFB is here to help you make a difference!

Make an appointment at (713) 842-9771 or stop on by and check out our facility today!

Houston Furniture Bank Main Campus


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(713) 842-9771

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