It’s been one year since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas as a category 4 hurricane, making its way to the Houston-area where it dropped a record-breaking amount of rain. For those of us caught in the storm, the rain was a relentless onslaught over the period of several days, producing a level of flooding that most had never seen before, causing a level of destruction many of us could not have imagined. And, while the destruction left in the wake of the storm was unprecedented, the community spirit seen in its aftermath also has left a legacy of goodwill.

Even before the rain stopped, we knew without a doubt that thousands of families were impacted by the storm. Many families lost everything. Organizations like Houston Furniture Bank (HFB) mobilized to provide aid as fast as we could to as many people as possible. New initiatives and partnerships were created to collaborate on helping affected families. Generous and giving individuals and business donated money, much-needed materials and items, and time.

At Houston Furniture Bank we understood that the emergency need required that we modify our normal furniture distribution processes. From the first day we re-opened our doors after the storm, we began providing furniture directly to families in need. Every day, countless people lined up at our doors to receive assistance. And every day, our staff and volunteers worked to give out as much furniture as we had available.

By the time HFB transitioned to providing aid once again through agency referrals, we had provided essential furniture to nearly 1,000 Houston-area families as part of our storm recovery efforts. One year later, the number of families served through various programs and initiatives has increased to thousands. These programs include: HFB furniture distribution program, the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund grant, and the Charitable Furniture Purchase Program.

HFB would like to give special thanks to everyone who provided support for our Hurricane Harvey efforts. Thank you!

But we’re not done yet. Many area families have not yet recovered from the impact of the storm. They are displaced and trying to rebuild. Houston Furniture Bank encourages local residents, businesses and corporations to get involved and help provide furniture for families and neighbors who for one reason or another cannot afford to purchase it on their own right now. Here are just a few ways you can help:

  • Give Money. Consider supporting individuals and families transitioning to independent living by making a monetary donation to the Houston Furniture Bank today at
  • Give Furniture. Houston Furniture Bank accepts donations of gently-used, dry furniture. The most immediate needs for many families will be mattresses, tables and chairs. The more furniture available, the more families Houston Furniture Bank is able to assist. For more information, please visit or call (713) 842-9771.
  • Give Time. As the Houston Furniture Bank furniture distribution activities continue, there also is a critical need for additional volunteers to take calls, coordinate furniture donations, help with furniture distribution, help move furniture in the warehouse, as well as other duties. Please visit for more information on volunteering.