Find a luxury mattress at a fraction of the price!

Every day, thousands of like-new bed-in-a-box mattresses are returned after only a few nights of use. We have partnered with leading brand mattress companies to rescue these mattresses, sanitize them using the “CLEANSLEEP” process, and provide them to you at affordable prices.

The Benefits!

Only like-new mattresses are accepted by our team into the CLEANSLEEP program.

Each mattress comes from a leading brand mattress company, providing you with the newest technology and highest quality.

Houston Furniture Bank’s rescued mattresses are a fraction of the cost of their value in retail stores, so you can enjoy premium-quality mattresses without having to pay premium prices.

Each CLEANSLEEP mattress is painstakingly collected, inspected, sanitized, resealed and certified. Only like-new mattresses are accepted and each mattress is rigorously cleaned using CLEANSLEEP technology. Each mattress comes with a certificate of sanitization.

Every purchase of a CLEANSLEEP mattress at Houston Furniture Bank helps fund furniture assistance programs for families in need and helps ensure that mattresses do not go to waste!

Clean Sleep Technology!

Developed to meet the exacting standards of the medical industry, the Clean Sleep certification process goes above and beyond to provide customers with peace of mind.

Collection & Inspection.

Once a mattress is collected within the first few days of use, we thoroughly inspect it for quality. Only like-new mattresses are accepted.


Mattresses are rigorously cleaned and sanitized using dry steam, infrared heat, UVC light, vacuum, and ozone generation. CLEANSLEEP kills 99.8%+ of Dust Mites, Bed Bugs, and hard-to-kill viruses.

Resealed for Safety

Every mattress goes through a final inspection to ensure quality, then is sealed in plastic and ready for their new home.

Partner Brands

How Much Are Your Mattresses?

Houston Furniture Bank’s rescued mattresses are well below retail value, often under half of what they would be priced at new in stores! Their “like new” condition means that extra work has to be taken to assure their cleanliness and sanitation, and lowering the mattresses’ price since they cannot simply be repackaged. 

Please see the graphic below for a product breakdown of our prices versus those you would find in big-box stores:

Name HFB Queen Retail Queen HFB King Retail King
Original Foam $499.95 $931.00 $599.95 $1,101.00
Puffy $499.95 $850.00 $599.95 $1,050.00
Original Hybrid $549.95 $1,101.00 $599.95 $1,271.00
Wave Foam $549.95 $2,035.00 $649.95 $2,375.00
Nova Hybrid $599.95 $1,696.00 $699.95 $1,951.00
Puffy Lux $799.95 $1,495.00 $899.95 $1,695.00
Wave Hybrid $649.95 $2,206.00 $799.95 $2,546.00
Puffy Royal $899.95 $2,395.00 $999.95 $2,695.00
Puffy Royal Hybrid $899.95 $2,395.00 $999.95 $2,695.00

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