Most Wednesdays at Houston Furniture Bank, our team grows by two. A truck from Mattresses for Less arrives at 8220 Mosley Road with two delivery professionals, ready to help Houston Furniture Bank deliver furniture to families in need. This has been a tremendous support to our organization, growing our capacity significantly and consistently. This contribution means that Houston Furniture Bank is able to serve 20 additional families each month, helping us achieve our mission of Making Empty Houses Homes!

Houston Furniture Bank benefits from important relationships with partners from the furniture, shelter and design industries. It is thanks to these partnerships that we are able to provide furniture assistance to families in Houston, and that we are the city’s leader in mattress recycling! Today, we would like to take a moment to share how Mattresses for Less has been consistently supporting Houston Furniture Bank for over eight years and how in the words of Houston Furniture Bank Executive Director Oli Mohammed, “They really care. You can tell. Theirs is heartfelt support.”

Since 2012, Mattresses for Less has supported Houston Furniture Bank significantly, continuously and creatively. Years of in-kind furniture and mattress donations have resulted in thousands of families getting the furniture they need. After Hurricane Harvey, Mattresses for Less was there, donating the items that families needed in order to replace what was lost. They have hosted furniture drives in their facilities, they recycle used mattresses with Houston Furniture Bank and they purchase new mattresses from Houston Furniture Bank’s social business, the Mattress Builders at Houston Furniture Bank. Mattresses for Less has often provided much-needed storage, allowing us to reduce our costs and serve more families.

“Every time Houston Furniture Bank has had a need, Mattresses for Less has been there,” said Oli Mohammed, Executive Director of Houston Furniture Bank. Mohammed recalled fondly that when Houston Furniture Bank was awarded the Humanitarian Award at the 29th Annual ARTS Awards, Mark Taylor, owner of Mattresses for Less, not only sponsored a table in the name of Houston Furniture Bank but also made the trip to Dallas personally.

During the holiday season, Houston Furniture Bank was in search of trucks to help deliver a large donation of beds to children in need. 89 children received complete bed sets thanks to a generous donation from Spindletop Charities to Houston Furniture Bank. Mattresses for Less stepped in to support, providing three trucks to help with delivery, along with another longtime partner, Nino Properties. We could not have completed the task without their support!

In addition to delivery, storage, recycling, and furniture donations, Mattresses for Less has also provided significant donations to Houston Furniture Bank. Last fall they pledged $30,000 to the ‘No Kids on the Floor’ initiative, committing themselves to ensure that every child in our city has a comfortable place to sleep at night. They have worked actively to spread awareness about the need in our city, most notably when President Brad Taylor took to the interwebs last fall, challenging other area mattress and furniture retailers to join his company in supporting the ‘No Kids on the Floor’ initiative. “Mark and Brad Taylor of Mattresses for Less and Landmark Furniture are one of the community pillars that make our work possible,” said Executive Director Oli Mohammed. It is this confluence of business and philanthropy that makes our city great. Together, we are Making Empty Houses Homes.