Furniture Assistance Services

At Houston Furniture Bank, we provide Furniture Assistance services to families and individuals through our partner social service and charitable organizations. Please have your caseworker contact us.


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Furniture for Individuals
Furniture for Agencies
Furniture Assistance Partners

Furniture for Individuals

Furniture Assistance

Houston Furniture Bank is a charitable organization that provides Furniture Assistance services to families and individuals through our partner social service and charitable organizations. Houston Furniture Bank does not provide services directly.

If you are in need of furniture, please speak with your caseworker. If you do not have a caseworker, we encourage you to seek out an area agency or charitable organization that can take your case. Each agency has its own process for accepting new clients and assessing their unmet needs. Agencies that accept referrals are listed below.

Purchase Affordable Furniture

If you would like to purchase furniture, you can visit the Furniture Outlet at Houston Furniture Bank. The Furniture Outlet sells high-quality, new and used furniture to the public at reduced prices with all proceeds going to support our mission of Making Empty Houses Homes. Please keep in mind that the Furniture Outlet is not a thrift store and while prices are very reduced and affordable, they may be higher than what one might find at Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Furniture Assistance Partners

The following agencies accept referrals, under specific circumstances. When reaching out to a Partner Agency:
  1. Let them know your needs.
  2. Ask if they are accepting new clients.
  3. Determine if you meet their requirements.

*Be kind to our partners. They work tirelessly to help as many as they can.

Agency Phone Number Who They Serve
Altar Call 281-794-3023 Anyone in need
Amigos Por Vida 713-349-9945 Families attending Amigos por Vida School
Christ Rose Foundation 832-715-8177 Families in need
Destined for Empowerment 832-834-4910 Families in need
Fresh Spirit 713-300-2473 Women and domestic abuse survivors
Goodwill 832 459-9070 Veterans looking for employment
God’s Reaching Hands 281-667-1350 Families in need
The Harris Center 713-970-7000 Individuals affected by mental health concerns
Launch Pad 713-637-4174 Veterans affected by homelessness
Methodist Children’s Home 713-682-8911 Youth and families in crisis
Pilgrim’s Place 281-449-6118 Pilgrim’s Place residents
Santa Maria Hostel 713-957-2413 Addiction Recovery and housing assistance for women
YMCA Tellepsen 713-739-3618 Families in need

Families With Children In School

If you have children in school and are in need of Furniture Assistance, check to see if your school has a CIS or CYS caseworker. Please be aware that these agencies have limited capacity and work hard to help as many families as they can with their resources.