Just in time for the holidays, Houston Furniture Bank has delivered 89 bed sets to families in need across the Greater Houston region. This donation was made possible through a gift to the Houston Furniture Bank’s ‘No Kids on The Floor’ initiative from Spindletop Charities, Inc. The initiative works to ensure that every child in Houston has a comfortable place to sleep. In total, 89 children ranging from pre-kindergarten to 9th grade received a new mattress, foundation, frame, and bedding one week ahead of Christmas Day.

With an estimated 300,000 children sleeping on the floor every night in our city, Houston Furniture Bank is working with community partners like Spindletop Charities, Inc. to provide new, quality bed sets to children who do not have a bed to sleep on. Our goal is to empower the next generation of Houstonians to succeed by providing them with the most basic of furniture needs.

“We are very grateful for our community partners who are making ‘No Kids on the Floor’ a reality for children and families in need,” said Oli Mohammed, Executive Director of the Houston Furniture Bank. “We know that a good night’s sleep is essential for physical and mental health, and we want to make sure this is being fulfilled for the children in our community.”

Student families were identified based on their need by local schools, including Yellowstone Schools, KIPP Academy, and YES Prep. Houston Furniture Bank worked with school social workers and Spindletop Charities, Inc. to coordinate the bed set donations. Social workers at the schools were thrilled at the chance to connect their families with this essential item. “There is such a need to ensure that our kiddos have a place to lay their heads,” said Lara Kerr, a social worker at Yellowstone Schools. “We want them to focus on learning!” Sharon Simpson, social worker at KIPP schools, was excited to help 38 children in the KIPP system and expressed her hope that the initiative can continue and expand to help more families.

In total, Spindletop Charities, Inc. donated $17,750 to Houston Furniture Bank to cover the cost of 89 new bed sets. The organization works to enhance the lives of at-risk youth through funding and volunteering from the oil and gas industry. “Spindletop Charities is so happy to support the ‘No Kids on the Floor’ campaign,” said Constance White, Spindletop Charities, Inc. Executive Director. “We are grateful to make a difference by sponsoring beds so that the students will get a good night’s sleep to enhance their learning in school. We are pleased to partner with Houston Furniture Bank in this important endeavor and thankful to the many volunteers who are making the delivery of beds possible.” White shared that her organization’s supporters were deeply moved by Houston Furniture Bank’s mission to make Houston a city with ‘No Kids on the Floor.’

Deliveries were made by local partners who are making the holidays brighter for children in the community. Partners include Mattresses for Less and Nino Properties, both longtime supporters of Houston Furniture Bank. Throughout the week, trucks loaded with new mattresses, box springs, frames, pillows, sheets, and blankets traveled the city, delivering new beds to children in need. The delivery drivers from Mattresses for Less and Nino Properties got into the spirit, playing Santa so close to the holidays.

Families were overjoyed at the special delivery of new beds for their kids. Anthony, a father of four, received four beds for two boys and two girls. His children are students at Yellowstone Schools, where he is an active parent, regularly volunteering for school activities and communicating with the school about their progress. Coleman shared his family’s gratitude. “We are truly blessed by this gift,” he said, shaking hands and hugging the delivery drivers. Crystal, a mother of two, was glad that her children, 11 and four, would finally have a bed of their own. “Kids need their eight hours,” she said. “They have more important things to focus on.”

Houston Furniture Bank is asking local residents, businesses and civic groups to help us say ‘No Kids on the Floor’ by donating to the cause. You can also support Houston Furniture Bank by donating your gently-used furniture, volunteering your time or recycling your mattress at our 8220 Mosley Rd. facility. Houston Furniture Bank can also pick up your gently-used furniture or used mattresses. For more information about the No Kids on the Floor initiative, visit https://houstonfurniturebank.org/get-involved/no-kids-on-the-floor-donation/.

Houston Furniture Bank works through its partner social service agencies to connect families with services. If you or someone you know is in need of furniture, please have their caseworker contact Houston Furniture Bank or connect with an agency. Families can connect with social service agencies through their children’s school.

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