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HFB Board Member Spotlight: Pat Duffy


This month’s Houston Furniture Bank (HFB) Board Spotlight features Board Member Pat Duffy. Although Pat hasn’t been a member of the Board for long, he has been a part of the organization during a pivotal year in the history of the nonprofit. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, HFB has risen to meet the challenge of an unexpected need from the community. Pat’s support has been essential to HFB’s response during this period of recovery. Pat was recruited into the organization by HFB Executive Director Oli Mohammed. Pat and Oli had an opportunity to spend time together at the Colliers golf [...]

HFB Board Member Spotlight: Pat Duffy2018-11-30T21:52:25-06:00

HFB Partner Spotlight: Communities in Schools Houston


Communities in Schools Houston (CIS) is a campus-based Dropout Prevention program and one of Houston Furniture Bank’s (HFB) oldest furniture distribution partners. They work to provide direct social services to at-risk students in more than 100 Houston area campuses. CIS also connects students & their families with available community resources – one of those resources is providing furniture through a partnership with HFB. HFB has partnered with CIS on various programs and initiatives over a period of several years, providing assistance to children in schools who need assistance. CIS brings families who are in need of furniture, and together we work [...]

HFB Partner Spotlight: Communities in Schools Houston2018-11-30T21:53:25-06:00

HFB Board Member Spotlight: Minerva Perez


Today’s Houston Furniture Bank (HFB) Board Spotlight features Board Member Minerva Perez. A well-known TV journalist, Minerva has been an active HFB Board Member for 10 years. Throughout her years of dedicated service to the organization, she has done everything from help coordinate the Grand Opening Celebration for the new headquarters to volunteering her time to help give out furniture in the days after Hurricane Harvey devastated the city. Minerva was recruited to HFB by her friend and neighbor Janet Ely. Although her initial interest was due to her friend’s invitation, Minerva has remained with HFB because of the mission to [...]

HFB Board Member Spotlight: Minerva Perez2018-11-30T21:53:49-06:00

HFB Partner Spotlight: Hoffer Furniture


Established in 1977, Hoffer Furniture is a Houston-based furniture company that is family-owned and operated. Hoffer Furniture has been a supporter of Houston Furniture Bank (HFB) since the creation of the organization in 1992. In fact, Hoffer Furniture Founder Jodie Hoffer was a member of the founding advisory board, served as advisory board chair, board member and continues to serve on the advisory board today. For last 25 years Jodie has helped guide HFB tirelessly. Jodie was instrumental for the Finger/Hoffer family donation of the 20,000-foot building on Bowling Green street. Jodie and Maryann Hoffer organized very successful fundraising galas for [...]

HFB Partner Spotlight: Hoffer Furniture2018-11-30T21:55:03-06:00

HFB Board Member Spotlight: Jessica Newhouse


Today’s Houston Furniture Bank (HFB) Board Spotlight features Board Member Jessica Newhouse. Though she’s a new addition to the Houston Furniture Bank Board – officially joining in 2018 – Jessica was involved with HFB prior to joining. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, she created a non-profit project – HAULforHOUSTON – to collect furniture and housewares from around the country through a network of volunteers and donors without the means to get them down to Southeast Texas. She was connected to HFB Executive Director Oli Mohammed through her former Rice University professor, David VanHorn (an HFB Advisory Board member), and HAUL [...]

HFB Board Member Spotlight: Jessica Newhouse2018-11-30T21:55:32-06:00

HFB Partner Spotlight: Star Furniture


Established in 1912 as a family run business, Star Furniture is now owned by Berkshire Hathaway.  Star Furniture is the oldest operating furniture store in the state of Texas.  It is one of the earliest retail furniture business supporters of the Houston Furniture Bank (HFB). Introduced by Jodie Hoffer, HFB began receiving furniture donations from Star in the early days and has continued to receive their support for many years. Both Gary Gibson and Katie Seifert represented Star Furniture on the HFB Board of Directors. They have helped the organization in Making Empty Houses Homes. During our 25th anniversary celebration, HFB [...]

HFB Partner Spotlight: Star Furniture2018-11-30T21:56:00-06:00

HFB Board Member Spotlight: Miles Marks


Today’s Houston Furniture Bank (HFB) Board Spotlight features Board Member Miles Marks. From helping to commemorate the grand opening of the new HFB headquarters & its 25th anniversary, to volunteering to aid families affected by Hurricane Harvey, Miles has given generously of his time and support to help HFB in Making Empty Houses Homes. Miles became involved with HFB two years ago through a friend – fellow HFB Vice Chairman Larry Cress.  “I was impressed by the mission to provide beds to children who sleep on the floor,” said Miles. “In a city with the prosperity of Houston, it is unbelievable [...]

HFB Board Member Spotlight: Miles Marks2018-11-30T21:56:49-06:00

HFB Board Member Spotlight: Larry Cress


Today’s Houston Furniture Bank (HFB) Board Spotlight features Vice Chairman Larry Cress. From being a major donor & coordinating fundraising events to spearheading the start of the first ever Mattress Recycling Center in Houston and directing the management of CDGB grant to start the newest ‘social business’ for HFB, Larry’s contributions to the Houston Furniture Bank have been essential to its success. Larry became part of HFB through a family member. His daughter, Julie, was part of a charitable organization that partnered with HFB for furniture distribution. He accompanied her several times to pick up and deliver furniture to families and [...]

HFB Board Member Spotlight: Larry Cress2018-11-30T21:57:40-06:00

Steve Gombar 1952-2015


Steve Gombar, a volunteer and founding board member of the Houston Furniture Bank, passed away peacefully during the early hours of December 13th, 2015. Steve has been involved with the Furniture Bank since it’s inception in 1992. Steve Gombar always cared greatly about people and his dedication will forever be an example to follow. Steve will be greatly missed and may he rest in peace. In lieu of flowers, the Gombar Family has asked that donations be made to the Houston Furniture Bank. To make a donation click here, and please write in the comments section “In honor of Steve Gombar”.

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