Our Story began in 1992…

Houston Furniture Bank was founded by Oli Mohammed, a then-housing specialist at what is now called the Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD. Mohammed was struck by the needs of patients who were able to access housing but did not have any home furnishings. In 1995, this service was extended to other area nonprofits. In 2003, Houston Furniture Bank became an independent 501c3 nonprofit, continuing the mission of “Making Empty Houses Homes.”

Growing to meet the need

Over the years, Houston Furniture Bank has held a number of physical locations, growing in size, increasing the quality of furniture available to families in need, and increasing the number served. In 2005, 2,300 families affected by Hurricane Katrina received services from Houston Furniture Bank. In 2008, Houston Furniture Bank opened its first Furniture Outlet, the “Bargain Bazar,” selling some donated furniture to help cover the cost of operations. In 2012, the Mattress Recycling Center was founded. In 2015, Houston Furniture Bank’s Hussion Street location in the East End was destroyed by a fire. In 2017, all operations were moved to Houston Furniture Bank’s main location at 8220 Mosley Rd. Also in 2017, Houston was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey. Following the storm, over 3,500 families would receive assistance from Houston Furniture Bank. In 2018, in response to Hurricane Harvey, Houston Furniture Bank founded its Mattress Builders program, making mattresses for our programs as well as for wholesale as a social business. 

Our Vision

Houston Furniture Bank’s goal is to be able to provide universal furniture assistance to families in need in Houston. We live in a city where 300,000 children are sleeping on the floor. At the same time, 750,000 mattresses are being discarded into Houston’s landfills. Houston Furniture Bank is working to leverage the generosity of everyday Houstonians and the commitment of our furniture industry partners to continue to grow to meet the need in our city. With the support of foundations, donations, and revenue generated by our Social Businesses, we can create a city where no child sleeps on the floor and every family is able to access the basic furniture necessary for healthy home life.

Houston Furniture Bank Grand Opening (houstonfurniturebank-staging.gllzc0ys-liquidwebsites.com)

The Houston Furniture Bank’s mission is to furnish hope
by “Making Empty Houses Homes.”

“To thrive, humans require simple creature comforts.”

Oli Mohammed, Founder and Executive Director

Donate Your Furniture

Help us “Make Empty Houses Homes!”

Please call us to schedule a free pick-up of your gently-used household furnishings:

  • Mattresses!
  • Sofas and Chairs!
  • Dinettes!
  • Art and Decorative Items!
  • Bedding and Linens!
  • Lamps!
Any household item in good, usable condition can make a difference in someone’s life.

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