Thank you for showing an interest in hosting a furniture drive for Houston Furniture Bank!

The essential furniture and household items you collect helps individuals and families from over 45 social service agencies create a safe, comfortable and healthy home. Since our resources depend on generous community donations, a furniture drive is a great way to ensure the items needed to serve those in need. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at (713) 842-9771.

Why Host a Furniture Drive for Houston Furniture Bank?

  • It is easy to plan and execute
  • You will have an impact on creating family stability in our community
  • Opportunity to educate your local community about Houston Furniture Bank
  • A great opportunity for team building and leadership
  • There is an option to volunteer after the furniture drive to see the full impact of your donation

How to Host a Furniture Drive: 

  • Furniture drives can be held any time, so choose the right time for your organization to host your drive
  • We suggest you choose a furniture drive that is at least six weeks before the event
  • Keep us informed of any changes
  • Develop a roster of the volunteer committee with their full name and contact information
  • In preparation they should:
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Assign volunteer job descriptions
  • Manage instructions and forms
  • Assemble Donor/Drop-Off Crew and Tallier packets
  • During the event they will:
  • Keep track of crews
  • Make sure the drive is running smoothly
  • We recommend that you have the following volunteer positions:

Outreach Assistant

  • Receives calls from potential donors
  • Tells the donor that we will fill out a donation form and they will receive a tax receipt at drop-off


  • Sends a reminder email and calls each donor a week before the drive
  • Assembles Drop-Off Crew and Tallier Packets

“Traffic Cop”

  • Plans and directs the route through the parking lot which directs the individuals who are dropping off their donations

Drop-Off Crew

  • Greets donors dropping off their donations
  • Fills out a Drop-Off Form and a Tax Receipt
  • Explains the donation count to Tallier


  • Receives donation drop-off forms
  • Adds items to the Donation Tally Form
  • We will provide templates, or you can create your own! Please share the finalized advertisement with us for approval
  • We recommend the following types of advertising:
  • Outreach brochures
  • Web advertising (websites, social media, email campaigns, etc.)
  • Outside publications such as signs and banners
  • Set a goal for the number of pieces of furniture your organization wants to collect
  • Share promotion materials on your organization’s social media channels one month in advance
  • Post your flyers in high traffic areas! Use your company newsletter or email the staff to let them know it’s happening
  • We will make announcements about the drive on our web channels
  • Conduct the furniture drive!
  • Take progress pictures throughout the drive
  • Collect quotes from volunteers and donors
  • Celebrate your successful furniture drive!
  • Report the number of furniture items collected
  • Share quotes from volunteers and donors
  • Set a date for your next furniture drive, make it an annual event!
  • Thank your volunteers and donors
  • Share results and photos with local media, employees, customers, and other stakeholders
  • We are more than happy to arrange an in-person thank you and share photos on social media