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Additional Measures to Address the COVID 19 Outbreak


Like so many organizations, Houston Furniture Bank is facing unprecedented challenges in the face of the global pandemic. We are taking extraordinary measures to ensure the safety and health of our employees and clients as well as to be responsible world citizens. Houston Furniture Bank provides a much-needed service to the community in the form of furniture assistance. Of this, we are very proud. We are also proud to provide gainful, meaningful employment for over 30 individuals. The COVID 19 infection is a very serious threat facing our community and our nation. We are taking every precaution, short of closing our [...]

Additional Measures to Address the COVID 19 Outbreak2020-03-20T13:59:29-05:00

COVID 19 Updates from Houston Furniture Bank


In the face of the ongoing Covid 19 situation, Houston Furniture Bank continues our service to the community. There continues to be a great need for the services we provide. Houston Furniture Bank is taking the following precautions to keep the families we serve and our staff safe: Sanitizing all surfaces regularly and wearing gloves when handling furniture. Encouraging staff, clients and caseworkers to stay home when symptomatic. For our Furniture Selection appointments, we are working with our Distribution Partners to limit non-essential visitors to HFB. Educating our staff about CDC and WHO preventative guidelines. Allowing remote work for staff for [...]

COVID 19 Updates from Houston Furniture Bank2020-03-17T13:10:40-05:00

HFB’s 2020 Warehouse Blowout Sale – Saturday, March 7th, 8am-2:30pm


Warehouse Blowout Sale 2020 Saturday, March 7th 8AM - 2:30PM 8220 Mosley Rd. Join Houston Furniture Bank for a Warehouse Blowout Sale this Saturday! Our mission is Making Empty Houses Homes. In 2019, Houston Furniture Bank provided Furniture Assistance to over 2,000 families in our community, helping those affected by poverty, disaster, health concerns, homelessness and domestic violence. We provide essential furniture to families that are in transition to stability. One of Houston Furniture Bank’s most important sources of funding for running our operations is our Furniture Outlet. In 2019, sales in the Furniture Outled funded 27% of our operating budget! [...]

HFB’s 2020 Warehouse Blowout Sale – Saturday, March 7th, 8am-2:30pm2020-06-26T16:30:47-05:00

IIDA’S Product Runway Celebrates $200,000 in All-Time Donations to Houston Furniture Bank!


Houston’s International Interior Design Association chapter recently presented $34,720.57 to Houston Furniture Bank, hard-won money raised at the “Product Runway” fundraiser, Houston’s premier Avante-Garde fashion show, now in its twelfth year. The check presentation occurred at this year’s kickoff event, where Houston’s top design firms team up for an extreme design challenge. Since 2009, Product Runway has raised over $200,000 for the cause of providing furniture assistance to families in the Greater Houston Area. The most recent event marks the largest gift to date. Said Oli Mohammed, Executive Director of Houston Furniture Bank, “This sustained support from IIDA has allowed Houston [...]

IIDA’S Product Runway Celebrates $200,000 in All-Time Donations to Houston Furniture Bank!2020-06-26T16:31:37-05:00

CHILDREN AT RISK paints a picture of ‘Growing Up in Houston’


Did you know that one in three children in Houston lives in poverty? Each year, CHILDREN AT RISK produces “Growing Up in Houston: Assessing the Quality of Life of Our Children,” releasing its 15th edition in 2019. Introducing the report, President & CEO of CHILDREN AT RISK, Dr. Robert Sanborn, explains; “The goal of the publication is to provide stakeholders in our children’s future with a tool to help identify the most strategic and pressing areas for intervention, chart new paths to move Houston forward and track progress over time.” CHILDREN AT RISK is a non-partisan research and advocacy organization, working [...]

CHILDREN AT RISK paints a picture of ‘Growing Up in Houston’2020-06-26T16:32:34-05:00

Twitter and HFB Part of Largest Volunteer Day in Houston History


January 16th is marked in Houston’s history as being the city's largest single day of volunteerism. Technology company and social media platform Twitter recruited 4,400 of its employees to participate in a city-wide day of volunteering and Volunteer Houston, an organization that pairs volunteers with nonprofit agencies, pulled the massive undertaking off beautifully. Twitter Volunteers were partnered with 51 local nonprofit agencies at 44 project sites across the Greater Houston Area for a day of volunteerism dubbed ‘#TwitterForGood.’ Houston Furniture Bank was proud to be selected as one of the 85 agencies with 35 Twitter employees volunteering at 8220 Mosley Rd. [...]

Twitter and HFB Part of Largest Volunteer Day in Houston History2020-06-26T16:32:59-05:00

Mattresses for Less Provides Consistent and Heartfelt Support to HFB


Most Wednesdays at Houston Furniture Bank, our team grows by two. A truck from Mattresses for Less arrives at 8220 Mosley Road with two delivery professionals, ready to help Houston Furniture Bank deliver furniture to families in need. This has been a tremendous support to our organization, growing our capacity significantly and consistently. This contribution means that Houston Furniture Bank is able to serve 20 additional families each month, helping us achieve our mission of Making Empty Houses Homes! Houston Furniture Bank benefits from important relationships with partners from the furniture, shelter and design industries. It is thanks to these partnerships [...]

Mattresses for Less Provides Consistent and Heartfelt Support to HFB2020-06-26T16:33:32-05:00

Bedding Drive with Laura U a Great Success!


In the days before the holidays, we at Houston Furniture Bank had the privilege of helping a grandmother and grandson who had been living in a shelter. While there, the young boy always kept with him a favorite toy dinosaur to keep him company. Today, he has his own bed in his own home, safe with his grandmother. On that bed, thanks to a bedding drive that Laura U Interior Design led to benefit Houston Furniture Bank, he has not just dinosaur sheets and a dinosaur comforter, but also a very special dinosaur blanket that you can wear as a cape. [...]

Bedding Drive with Laura U a Great Success!2020-08-18T07:20:46-05:00

Spindletop Charities Donates 89 Bed Sets to Local Children Through HFB’s ‘No Kids on the Floor’ Initiative


Just in time for the holidays, Houston Furniture Bank has delivered 89 bed sets to families in need across the Greater Houston region. This donation was made possible through a gift to the Houston Furniture Bank’s ‘No Kids on The Floor’ initiative from Spindletop Charities, Inc. The initiative works to ensure that every child in Houston has a comfortable place to sleep. In total, 89 children ranging from pre-kindergarten to 9th grade received a new mattress, foundation, frame, and bedding one week ahead of Christmas Day. With an estimated 300,000 children sleeping on the floor every night in our city, Houston [...]

Spindletop Charities Donates 89 Bed Sets to Local Children Through HFB’s ‘No Kids on the Floor’ Initiative2020-06-26T16:34:28-05:00

Part of History; HFB Featured in Houston History Magazine


Houston History Magazine has recently published its “Milestones” edition, marking important moments in Houston’s history from 1969. Edition 17 of the publication ranges from efforts to address racial inequality to the city’s leadership in space exploration, medical research, and hospitality. The magazine celebrates 50 years since the establishment of the Conrad N Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, the founding of the UH African American Studies Program and the great human achievement that was the 1969 moon landing. Founded in 1992 by Oli Mohammed, Houston Furniture Bank is honored to be featured alongside some of our city’s most notable organizations [...]

Part of History; HFB Featured in Houston History Magazine2019-12-18T12:56:43-06:00


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