Houston Furniture Bank is the proud recipient of a $12,000 grant received from the Charity Guild of Catholic Women for the 2021-2022 year benefitting Houston’s children in need! The grant supports the Houston Furniture Bank’s No Kids on the Floor Program which provides twin beds to children in need. Over 80 children received a new twin mattress, foundation, and bed frame thanks to the generous support!

On February 1, 2022, the Houston Furniture Bank received the grant award at the Children’s Charities Grants Presentation held at the Charity Guild of Catholic Women Charity Guild Shop located at 1203 Lovett Boulevard in Houston, Texas. The Grants Presentation ceremony was led by Children’s Charities Committee President Ginger Niemann, Chair Kathy Archer, and presenters Kathy Archer and Mary Lynn Murphy.

In 2021, the Houston Furniture Bank was able to provide twin mattress sets to 1,349 children thanks to grants and donations from the Houston community and across the U.S. This Program provides children with a safe, comfortable place to sleep and fits perfectly with what has long been one of the Charity Guild of Catholic Women’s focal points and criteria for its grant program. Helping charitable organizations that impact the most vulnerable population and meeting most basic needs is the Guild’s center of attention. Given the challenges the low-come and poverty level Houstonians faced the past two years due to the pandemic with financial restraints posing significant difficulties for children’s well-being and the struggle to meet basic needs, this focus is as important as ever.

The Charity Guild of Catholic Women awarded a total of $547,599.00 to 47 worthy organizations on February 1, 2022, benefitting Houston’s children in need. The Houston Furniture Bank is incredibly grateful to be one of the charitable organizations selected. “The mission of the Charity Guild of Catholic Women is the sanctification of its members under the patronage of the Immaculate Heart of Mary through the practice of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy and the practice of charity by rendering assistance to children of need in the Greater Houston Area, regardless of race or creed.” A special thank you to the members of the Charity Guild of Catholic Women for their tireless work supporting children’s charities.

With an estimated of 300,000 children sleeping on the floor or sharing their bed in the greater Houston area every night, the Houston Furniture Bank looks forward to continuing to grow the “No Kids on the Floor Program” each year! In 2021, the number of twin beds distributed to children increased 25% over 2020. The Houston Furniture Bank is deeply grateful to the many individuals and organizations who continue to help us work towards a Houston where every child has a comfortable place for a good night’s rest which is essential for children’s growth and learning.