Moving Furniture To Families In Need

In 2018, Houston Furniture Bank helped over 900 families through the Furniture Distribution Center, distributing over 8,000 pieces of furniture!

Houston Furniture Bank has the privilege of working with over 45 charitable organizations who are our Furniture Distribution Partners. Partners make appointments for their clients to visit the Furniture Distribution Center – located at 8220 Mosley Rd.  Houston Furniture Bank serves families and individuals who are affected by poverty, health concerns, domestic violence and disasters. For the families we serve, Furniture Assistance is an important step in a transition toward stability.

Houston Furniture Bank has expertise in filling our Distribution Center with gently used, essential furniture. We broker, manage and stage donations both from the home goods industry and from private citizens. Our trucks travel the city each day, distributing furniture to the families that have selected furniture from our Furniture Distribution Center and picking up fresh donations.

Furniture Distribution Partners

Houston Furniture Bank provides Furniture Assistance through our Furniture Distribution Partners who contribute yearly dues and purchase vouchers for use in the Furniture Distribution Center. Furniture Distribution Partners help connect Houston Furniture Bank to the families we serve.

Houston Furniture Bank is accepting new Furniture Distribution Partners on a case-by-case basis.

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