Make a Donation for Houston Furniture Bank Hurricane Harvey Recovery Efforts


Help Us Help Houston Recover

Hundreds of thousands in the Greater Houston region prepare to begin the arduous work of recovering and rebuilding their lives after the devastation left behind by Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey. Complete neighborhoods are still under water and it is estimated that more than one-third of the Greater Houston region’s population was impacted by the torrential rain, flooding and tornadoes caused by Harvey.

These are families who have lost it all. These are the families that were living below the poverty line before the storm. These are families that now have NO bed to sleep on, NO chair to sit on and NO table to eat on as a result of the catastrophic effects of Harvey.

We need your help to be able to answer the critical demand for Houston Furniture Bank’s services.  Federal and State assistance for housing does not include furniture.

Our community is counting on our proven 25-year track record of providing furniture to individuals and families in need, from our 75,000-square-feet warehouse and distribution center. And we know that, with your support, we can provide this assistance now that it is most needed.

Together we can help the Houston community move past the devastation left behind by Harvey. Please help us answer this urgent call for assistance from our community.

We know our community is strong, resilient and always willing to help.

** Click  here for additional information on Houston Furniture Bank Hurricane Harvey Recovery Efforts. **

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