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Adopt a Family Program

When you give to Houston Furniture Bank this holiday season, you’re not just giving money… you’re also giving a struggling family the break they need to get back on their feet. You’re helping men and women regain the pride of calling their houses a home. You’re providing a bed for one of the more than 300,000 children in the Greater Houston region who sleep on the floor or share a bed every single night.

You’re giving the gift of hope.

Thousands of families in the Greater Houston area are celebrating the holidays, right now, without the most basic of furniture to sit on, eat over, or sleep on.

You can help – please make a donation today:

While contributions of any amount are welcome, the average cost to fully furnish an entire home is between $300 to $500. Donations in the following amounts will:

  • $50 – help furnish a dining room or living room*
  • $100 – help furnish a dining room and/or a bedroom*
  • $150 – help furnish a dining room, living room, and a bedroom*
  • $250 – furnish a single unit apartment*
  • $500 –furnish a home *

Remember, you can adopt more than one family. And, as always, you may also make a donation of any amount to the Houston Furniture Bank.

We also invite you to give your gently used household goods and furniture a new purpose by donating them to the Houston Furniture Bank. These items may have a second (or third) life by furnishing a new home. If you would like to make a donation, please send a picture of the items you wish to donate to and call (713) 842-9771 to schedule a pick up.

Thank you for helping our neighbors in need.

* Estimated impact of donation.

“Adopt a Family” Program For The Holidays (Houston Furniture Bank)