Today’s Houston Furniture Bank (HFB) Board Spotlight features Vice Chairman Larry Cress. From being a major donor & coordinating fundraising events to spearheading the start of the first ever Mattress Recycling Center in Houston and directing the management of CDGB grant to start the newest ‘social business’ for HFB, Larry’s contributions to the Houston Furniture Bank have been essential to its success.

Larry became part of HFB through a family member. His daughter, Julie, was part of a charitable organization that partnered with HFB for furniture distribution. He accompanied her several times to pick up and deliver furniture to families and individuals in need. As a result, he had first-hand experience on the impact furniture can have in their lives.

“Once you go into an empty home with just a pillow and a sheet and leave with a home that is livable, you can feel the difference.  A very moving experience,” said Larry. “Anne Cummins recruited me to the Board of Directors.” Larry has been an HFB Board Member for 11 years.

Larry is a father of 2, Julie and Derek, and stepfather to 3, Wes, Brooke and Blaire. In addition, he has 8 grandchildren. He is a graduate of Texas A & M (1976). He has served as CEO of 20 companies. Currently he is CEO/President of New Tech Global Companies and CEO of Wild Stallion Vineyards.

Larry also is a supporter of Faithbridge Church, CareNet, The Source for Women, Refreshing Springs Ministries, Love 146, International Commission, Ur Journey, and Houston Food Bank. For those interested in HFB, Larry says: “This is a local charity that supports over 85 local charities.  You can put you hand out and touch the facilities and the staff. It’s Houstonians giving to Houstonians.” He adds, “You can donate your time or your used furniture or your charitable funds to this great local 25-year-old charity.”

Thank you, Larry!