Scott and Larry Truck Team 1

Scott and Larry Truck Team 1

Today we honor the best truck crew in all of Houston, TX, Scott Noland and Larry Hill. We sat down with them to ask them a few question about their tenure here.

Interviewer: Welcome gentlemen, so real quick how did y’all hear about The Houston Furniture Bank in the first place? Were y’all just job searching?

Scott Noland

Scott Noland

Larry: I was job searching and I was assigned here by pay cells personnel.

Scott: Like Larry said pay cells personnel.

Interviewer: And how long have you been here now? Scott lets start with you.

Scott: I’ve been here for 10 years now Kyle

Interviewer: Oh wow a decade now. Now that I think of it I have known you for a long time now. What about you Larry?

Larry: I started in 2013 off and on and then they picked me up on a regular ticket week to week starting in January 2014.

Interviewer: So tentatively 4 years, really about 3 years if I am understanding correctly.

Larry: Yes

Interviewer: I’ve heard as truck drivers y’all get exposure to people who donate and clients. Do y’all have any stories that have made a lasting impression on you personally?

Larry: We had this one incident where this lady was donating some furniture and there was a young child that was sitting on the sofa. She was restricted with cancer, and she sat up and saw me packing and picking up this sofa and said, “you’re so strong and big” and it touched me cause I wished I could give her some of my strength. Her hair was falling out and everything, she was probably about 14-15. I can tell you another one if you want?

Larry Hill

Larry Hill

Interviewer: I would like to hear it but before we go into that I would like to hear if Scott has anything to say. Scott?

Scott: No, I don’t even remember what I did yesterday.


Scott: No I’m just kidding. But like Larry said we run into so many heartfelt people that you just want to pour out to them. So lets just say they only got a sofa and a bed, you want to give a chair, kitchen table, or a dresser but you gotta stay in the guidelines you know? There are a lot of stories out there that we can tell you.

Interviewer: I’d love to hear them all sometime soon. Larry you said you have another one right?

Larry: Well I’m good for now, we need to get back to the warehouse and finish up the day if you don’t mind.

Interviewer: Not at all. One last thing is there anything you’d like to say to the entirety of Houston, the state of Texas, the U.S., and the World?

Larry: Always be open minded and learn from one another.

Scott: Keep on donating y’all! There are a lot of people sleeping on the floor tonight and with y’alls donations that can end.

Interviewer: Well said Gentlemen.

Scott and Larry: Thank You!

Scott and Larry are out there everyday serving the needs of not only the Houston Furniture Bank but for the entirety of the Houston Community. To show your support for these two wonderful gentlemen please consider donating your gently used items or donating money to the organization. After all it takes cash to keep up the good work and to run the truck that Scott and Larry are in. As always Houston thank you for reading and thank you for supporting the Houston Furniture Bank.