Today we spotlight our Assistant Manager of Distributions, John Kerr. John Kerr is the face that our clients see first and through the process of them selecting their furniture items. We sat down with him and asked him a few questions, ranging from questions about his journey to Houston to his most rewarding moment working at HFB.

Question 1: You’re originally from Austin, what brought you to Houston and then from there to join Houston Furniture Bank’s family?

John: When my parents passed away while I was in Austin, I didn’t have anymore family over there so I moved down here cause I got a lot of family in Houston.

Interviewer: How much of your family lives here in Houston as compared to Austin at the time?

John: I have three Aunties and about ten cousins here; I only have one nephew in Austin.

Interviewer: From the time you arrived from Austin what were you originally doing here?

John: When I first came here to Houston I think I was here for about a week I started working for a construction company named Rampar construction, they build apartments. I did that for like seven months then I came to the Furniture Bank.

Interviewer: What made you decide to switch?

John: Well there was a layoff period so I came over here. It’s the standard cycle for construction work. 

Question 2: When you came here to the Furniture Bank what was your first position/ job here and how since has it evolved?

John: When I came to the Furniture Bank originally I was here as a driver’s helper. Ridding on the trucks, picking up furniture from people that donate to needy families. I did that for about a year and then they made me a truck driver. I did that for about maybe a year and a half or two. Then they put me in the warehouse where I became the assistant manager.

Question 3: Working for a charitable organization we will eventually have a moment, an encounter, or an occurrence where we know we’re doing good for the community. What is that moment for you?

John: Well when I was a driver helper, this was my moment right here, scott and I were doing a delivery to this lady’s home. I walked in there and she didn’t have anything in her house, I’m talkin’ about nothing. We were delivering the furniture, I went back out to the truck and I came back in with a piece of furniture and she was just standing in the living room crying. I asked, ma’am are you okay? She said, yes I’m just so happy to be getting this furniture right here.

Interviewer: When I interviewed Scott I remember him telling the exact same story and I can see how that would be a touching, affirming moment.

Question 4: If you had a megaphone in your hand, on in which everyone in Houston could hear you what would you say to the entirety of the city?

John: I would say, to Houston Texas citizens, people out there on the streets that need help, there is help out there for you. You just got to seek it, there’s a lot of people who care about homeless people, people in need, there’s a lot out for you.