If you are not familiar with Amazon Smile it is Amazon’s way of letting your purchases benefit a charitable organization of your choice. The steps in this posting are going to teach you how to access this feature and if you already have how to change the settings.

To access this feature:

Step 1: In your internet browser type smile.amazon.com

Step 2: type the name of the organization you want to benefit. (type Houston Furniture Bank)

Step 3: Click the option that says Furniture Bank

To change to the Houston Furniture Bank

Step 1: Type into your browser smile.amazon.com

Step 2: On the home page look at the top left corner. You should see there supporting:__________, hover your mouse over that.

Step 3: A box should appear giving some details about the organization. More importantly at the top of this box will be the name of the current organization you’ve selected, next to that is the change option.

Step 4: At the bottom where it asks for you to type in the name of an organization type Houston Furniture Bank

Step 5: Select the option that says Furniture Bank.

Thank you very much for participating in Amazon Smile. We greatly appreciate that you’ve taken the time to do this. Please pop in and say hi to us as we always love our supporters.