A Houston Furniture Bank status update

Houston Furniture Bank’s Hurricane Harvey relief efforts began immediately after the hurricane impacted the area in August 2017. Our efforts to date have consisted of three different phases:

  1. Phase One: immediately after the hurricane dissipated
  2. Phase Two: when process improvements were taken
  3. Phase Three: upon receipt of a grant from the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

PHASE ONE efforts were focused on providing assistance quickly to those in need. During this period, hundreds of people were lined up outside the doors of Houston Furniture Bank doors each morning – and most days we weren’t able to assist everyone in line. During this initial phase, Houston Furniture Bank provided more than 4,000 pieces of furniture to approximately 1,000 families.

PHASE TWO efforts were focused on improving processes to provide a more streamlined experience so could better serve those who needed assistance. The organization took a pause in relief efforts for one month to develop relationships with partner agencies and work with them on new processes. These partnerships allowed for a better vetting process and a scheduled delivery system resulting in a more efficient and friendly method of providing furniture to those in need.  In phase two Houston Furniture Bank distributed furniture to 149 families, providing 678 pieces of furniture.

PHASE THREE kicked off with the approval of a grant from the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, provided by the City of Houston and managed by The Greater Houston Community Foundation. The approved grant allowed for Houston Furniture Bank to distribute new furniture packages to at least 700 families in a 120-day period.

The standard relief package to each family served as part of the grant includes the furniture listed below, which is also supplemented with items from our generous donors such as sheets and pillows as well as coffee and end tables:

  1. 1 Queen mattress set (mattress, box spring and bed rails).
  2. 1 Twin mattress set (mattress, box spring and bed rails).
  3. 1 Dining set (table and 4 chairs).
  4. 1 Sofa.

Houston Furniture Bank has also supplemented this package with other items such as dressers, coffee and end tables, living room chairs and love seats. In addition to individual pickup of furniture, the Houston Furniture Bank is also providing delivery service of the furniture to the victims in need of this service.

Thanks to the improved processed implemented in phase two, Houston Furniture Bank has succeeded in staying ahead of the stated goal.  As of January 31, 2018, Houston Furniture Bank has served 478 families in partnership with 17 agencies, distributing 2,053 pieces of furniture. We expect to serve more than 700 families before the end of March 2018.

For more information, please contact Houston Furniture Bank at (713) 842-9771 or info@houstonfurniturebank-staging.gllzc0ys-liquidwebsites.com.